Welcome to In His Company by Martresaca Howard 

From my innovative and creative style of dance, to my passion and devotion in expressing my love to our Gift Giver through this art form.....we are In His Company; an entity of artists and upcoming performers who exerts and expresses emotion through various genres of dance such as Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Liturgical, Modern, Contemporary and much more. This studio focuses on recruiting ambassadors to represent their community, family, and most importantly themselves in various performances, programs, and concerts. Studio members will be exposed to recognition and interpretation of dance terms, variety of choreography among all dance genres, dance etiquette, performing in different venues, as well as volunteering. As a studio,we strive for excellence in all that we do and though we are all different individuals, we have one common purpose....because In HIS Company it's not just dance....it's Life.

2016 1st Place Black Dance and Cheer Championship Winners in JR. POM & Open Jazz
2017 1st Place Black Dance and Cheer Championship Winners in JR. POM, Jazz, & Hip-Hop
2018 Holla' Cheer and Dance Magazine National Champions!

2016 Reader's Choice New Orleans Best Dance School Top 10 Dance Schools

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