2024 Recipient of  The Association of Dance Competitions & Competitions

Studio Of Excellence Award

Congratulations to The DanceIHC Academy's Competitive Divisions on being awarded The Association of Dance Competitions & Conventions Studio of Excellence Award! This recognition is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence demonstrated by our competitive program. The ADCC Studio of Excellence Award is a prestigious honor that highlights the studio's alignment with the values of the ADCC, including collaboration, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence. By embodying these values and fostering a culture of teamwork, professionalism, and dedication to artistic growth, DanceIHC has distinguished itself as a leader in the dance community. Receiving this award not only acknowledges the studio's achievements but also underscores its commitment to supporting its dancers through networking, education, access to resources, and camaraderie. It reflects the collective effort of the entire DanceIHC Academy in striving for excellence and making a positive impact in the world of dance. Once again, congratulations to The DanceIHC Academy's Competitive Divisions on this well-deserved recognition!